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The GOATs nassays & Hov


My love.

20 years.
Representing, it’s Illmatic.



Kat Dennings’ curves appreciation post

in which we are all Tom


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Derek Jeter by Ricky Powell (March, 2014)

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Let’s just all spread some happiness.

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Fooling Around.

Young enough to still sell dope, but old enough that I knows better
When they sayin’ it’s 42 for that white powder, I knows better
Get it nigga? I nose better, put a smile on the devil’s face
Who don’t wanna sell dope forever and flood their Rollie ‘til the bezel break?
Woo! Fish scale in the two-door that I fish-tails
Fiberglass, Ferrari leather, in designer shit that I misspell
YUGHH! Look at the clues, the J’s, the jewels, I’m actin’ a monkey
From sixteen years old, I’m whippin’ in kitchens, fuckin’ my junkies
Pablo, Versace way before Migos
My dinner plates, no silverware, all you niggas my hijos
Toss a kilo like a free throw, crack house, it had the peephole
Made it through to the other side, now nothing’s big as my ego, Push

Pusha T on Future’s “Move That Dope”

The youngins be outchea! My guy @doloanh. #1833 #LaFamilia


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