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No flex zone. 💪

Four to five deaths in my neighborhood in less than a month got me not wanting to come outside.

Checking this out. So far so good.

Pussy game have you like

Ever felt this tired?

My boo & I.

Keeping an eye out for Ninja Turtles.

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4th Chamber.

52 plays It's Your World/Pop's Reprise Ft. Bilal & The Kids Common Be

"Life and death flow around us
four pounds and pounds of bird from out of towners
it’s hard to stay grounded
we stay high, that’s why old folks down us
lost, nobody found us, the force that surrounds us
ain’t with us, they get us on the ground and hit us
we paint pictures of the chains under their names and scriptures”


22 plays Let My Niggas Live Wu-Tang Clan The W

"I scream at the mirror, curse, askin God, "Why me?"
run in the black church, gun in my hand, y’all try me
I’m God-son, son of man, son of Marcus Garvey
Rastafari irie, Ha-ile Selassie
police’ll try to break us, but the streets raised us
it takes more than metal bars, we destined for ours
I hear murder plans from dopefiends, with elephant hands
snots in they nostril, the blocks is hostile
there’s no pots to piss in, Glocks is spittin
rocks cookin underground bodies stiffin, cops look at bird shit
drop on the window pane, the oxygen is cocaine
it drove lots of men to die with no name
I been on boats, nut down throats, pee on bitches who famous
pretty dick, puttin stitches in they anus
I’m the animal that Hugh Heffner created
the only nigga Sade dated, the most hated, Nas nigga”